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It is with deep sadness that we have to advise you of the deaths of two of our most respected and long-standing members, Commander Geoffrey 'Geoff' George Meekums and Lieutenant Commander William 'Bill' Eli Legg.

Geoff MeekinsGeoff was very tragically found dead at home in Edenbridge, Kent, by his son, Michael, early on Friday 7 July. Geoff had recently undergone several tests for a heart condition but appeared well and in good humour when we last saw him in HMS COLLINGWOOD for the OA AGM & Lunch on Sunday 25 June.

Geoff was one of the founding members of the Officers' Association and had served as our Chairman for many years until Adrian Whyntie relieved him in 2011, when Geoff reverted to Vice Chairman. He loved the Royal Navy and was a member of several 'tribal' and Naval Clubs/Associations.


Bill LeggBill very sadly lost his fight for life in the early hours of 12 July - tragically his 83rd birthday - while in Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, being treated for Oesophageal Cancer. He had not been well for some time but, in true Bill style, continued to push himself hard and lived a full and age-appropriate active life.

The heart and soul of our social activities for so long, Bill will be sorely missed.