OA Sword – 2016

Lt Matt Millyard Royal Navy – Citation

During his time as an instructor within the Navigation Training Unit, Lt Millyard has made the improvement of standards central to everything he has done across his area of responsibility, the wider Navigation Training Unit and HMS COLLINGWOOD.  His dedication to the teaching and mentoring of Initial Warfare Officer (Navigation) and Warfare Electronic Charting Decision Information System students has been outstanding, resulting in overwhelmingly positive Post Course Discussion comments and improving results.  A great team player, he has been relied upon to deputise for Officer In Charge of Initial Warfare Officer Training Element and has supported other instructors, including practical training at sea.  He led the review of the Royal Navy’s entire Officer Of the Watch training pipeline, where his attention to detail and close liaison with Training Design ensured that the project completed as smoothly as possible and in a very short timeframe – the new Phase 2 training structure for young warfare officers has already attracted considerable approval .  He also identified that the Warfare Electronic Charting Decision Information System course was in need of a complete re-write to bring it into line with new International Maritime Organisation regulations and in completing this large body of work has ensured that the RN remains compliant with the Maritime Coastguard Agency and is accredited to deliver this training.

Photo of Lt Matt Millyard being presented with the OA sword by Cdr Andrew Dent, who kindly donated his sword
Lt Matt Millyard is presented with the OA sword by Cdr Andrew Dent, who kindly donated his sword

Recognising that there were shortcomings in the ability of Initial Warfare Officers to be able to perform essential personal admin tasks within the unit, he instigated the establishment of a Joint Personnel Administration suite.  Working closely with the Projects Team, he also oversaw the total refurbishment of the largest classroom in the building, to provide a modern, technical learning environment conducive to all styles of instruction and future-proofing delivery of Navigation training.

In terms of wider engagement, he planned and led the Phase Two leadership exercise Operation Trafalgar, devised a solution for the fledgling Defence Connect mobile app to promote the Merchant Navy Liaison Voyage Scheme to the entire Fleet and migrated all Navigation Training Unit course admin onto the Defence Learning Environment.  The work he undertook for the latter point has been taken as an example of best practice and is already being imitated by several other departments and lodger units across COLLINGWOOD.

A thoroughly professional and inspiring warfare officer, throughout his time in the Navigation Training Unit, Millyard has demonstrated significant management and leadership acumen, an ability to lead and inspire others to galvanise efforts and achieve considerable success.  He thinks and operates at a level well above his peers and embraces challenges far beyond his remit; he is wholeheartedly recommended for the HMS COLLINGWOOD Officers’ Association annual prize.