OA Sword – 2012

Lieutenant Paul Gill Royal Navy – Citation

Lieutenant Paul Gill joined the Weapon Engineering Principles Training Unit in July 2010 from an operational role within the NETS organisation, bringing with him a broad range of core TM skills and extensive experience of the educational and personal development functions. As a senior Lieutenant, he has been expected to make a rapid impact within the Unit and he has achieved this and far more with apparent ease. In a challenging core role he works extremely hard and long hours, with little fuss or show, achieving first class timely results without drama, absorbing all that is thrown his way. His impact on such diverse areas as preparations for rounds, implementation of LET Class Leader reporting in preparation for LRLC and review of Career Course modules has been extensive.

Gill is an outstandingly strong leader and manager, who runs the Weapon Engineering Principles Training Unit with clear direction, sensitivity and tact. Using instinctive character judgement to assign roles, in addition to delivering exceptional results, he approaches Senior Rate development with great care and notable success, demanding high standards of output and conduct and leading by example.

He applies deep knowledge and broad experience of training to excellent effect. Advising with pragmatism and intelligence, he assumed leadership of developing IS training within WE Ratings’ Career Courses, working independently with minimal guidance. Sound judgement, utter reliability and undoubted honesty make him an indispensible OiC as a Lt, providing constant support to the Group 2iC and putting the Service ahead of himself.

Gill consistently operates at the SO2 level, making confident and well thought-through decisions using policy to guide him. During the current busy period, and the transition to the FOAP(T) contract, he has managed delivery of the contract on behalf of the Group; as a result, the Group’s business has continued to run smoothly and without interruption.

Photo of Lt Paul Gill being presented with the OA sword by OA Chairman Cdre Adrian Whyntie, and Lt Clem Saull who donated the sword. Also in the photo are Lt Cdr Doug Howe and Lt Cdr Bill Legg of the OA Committee.
Lt Paul Gill is presented with the OA sword by OA Chairman Cdre Adrian Whyntie, and Lt Clem Saull who donated the sword. Also in the photo are Lt Cdr Doug Howe and Lt Cdr Bill Legg of the OA Committee

One key highlight of his performance was assuming the lead SO2 role in developing and executing the first MWS CLM weekend, Op TRAFALGAR. While still fulfilling his core role, he managed a small team of junior officers to co-ordinate the efforts of a wider team at all ranks and rates across the MWS. In leading this Operation, Lt Gill took on a task that had originally been intended for a Lt Cdr and proved that he was the equal of any such. He delivered a hugely successful operation, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the Phase 2 trainees taking part. At short notice he showed exceptional ability to lead under pressure across the whole rank structure, taking an embryonic concept to maturity and gaining plaudits from the Command for his efforts.

Although Op TRAFALGAR has been Lt Gill’s most visible contribution to date, he has also initiated the role of Junior Leaders’ Field Gun Liaison Officer, acts as an ambassador for the Institute of Physics and has contributed to Project INSPIRE and is a member of the Wardroom Mess Committee.

Throughout the year, Lieutenant Gill’s ability to deliver excellent results from demanding secondary commitments whilst maintaining an outstanding performance with core outputs, coupled with his willingness to step up at short notice sets him apart from his peers. A respected and popular figure he has become renowned for cooperation, flexibility, professional work ethic and all-round involvement. He continually provides exceptional support to his Training Group and is an inspiring example of strong, effective leadership for all.