OA Sword – 2017

Lieutenant Ollie James Royal Navy – Citation

Lt James is an impressive Officer who has the ability to inspire, influence and direct others. Voluntarily taking responsibility for a challenging portfolio, he has delivered an extremely impressive performance since joining MWS in January 2016.   He has a clear passion for Submarine Weapon Engineering and has excelled in his role as the Submarine Engagement Officer, proving the value of 1:1 engagement within the training environment, exploiting his enthusiasm and clear understanding of both Service requirements and those of the individual.

Photo of Lt Ollie James being presented with the OA sword by Lt Cdr Mike Edmonds who donated the sword
Lt Ollie James is presented with the OA sword by Lt Cdr Mike Edmonds who donated the sword

Identifying that a critical number of those within Victory Squadron had yet to visit a submarine alongside, and understanding the impact the shortfall had on their training, James identified an opportunity outside core training deliverables, and with support from the CWO, SM CAP, SUBFLOT and FOST, hosted an exceptionally successful SM acquaint in Devonport. 

A further example of the dividends associated with his role was the successful manipulation and re-dress of an ill-thought out assignment action, threatening to reassign an entire Phase 2 course from TWS to SWS.  Lt James’ timely interaction with SSMP enabled discussions with key stakeholders, ultimately reversing the intent.  James’ interaction undoubtedly safeguarded the career expectations for an impressionable and vulnerable cadre.

Actively involved in the Collingwood Open Day Organisation, Lt James has successfully liaised with local and national business to obtain vital sponsorship for the event. With the cost for arranging Open Day rising year after year, it is only due to his tireless efforts that the event remains financially viable and able to donate large amounts to local charities. 

Committed to subordinate development, James utilises his developed coaching and mentoring skills to ensure that trainees can fully achieve their potential. This was ably proven during Op Trafalgar, a whole ship leadership weekend, which he planned and led.  Outside of CWD, he uses these skills to inspire the next generation by acting as a service glider instructor; for this he has been commended by the Air Officer Commanding 22 Group. 

An extremely loyal, trusted and capable Officer, he represents the finest values and ethos of the service. Lt James has my very strongest recommendation for the HMS COLLINGWOOD Officers Association Sword.