The Collingwood Society is a special interest group whose focus is the life, times and legacy of Vice Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood (1748-1810), 1st Baron Collingwood of Caldburne and Hethpoole in Northumberland.

The demand for a Society grew out of the 2010 Collingwood Festival, which commemorated the 200th anniversary of the Admiral’s death. It was officially formed in 2013 and has its registered home in the Newcastle Upon Tyne Trinity House, whilst regularly holding meetings and events around the whole north-east of England. This is a reflection of the significance in Collingwood’s life of places like Newcastle and Morpeth and of the pride that the people of that region feel for their famous son.

The Society is small by comparison with the Nelson Society or 1805 Club, but still boasts an international membership and is, after all, still in its infancy. Talks focus on Collingwood and those who knew and sailed with him, his contemporaries, engagements he took part in, local links and the occasional ‘lighter’ event, such as quizzes, visits and musical evenings. Each year, as close to the anniversary of the Admiral’s death in March as practicable, the Newcastle Upon Tyne Royal Grammar School, which the young Collingwood attended before embarking on his seagoing career, hosts the annual ‘Collingwood Lecture’ – a prestigious event in our programme. Speakers have included the Collingwood biographer Max Adams, the historian Professor Andrew Lambert, the Officer Commanding HMS COLLINGWOOD Captain Andy Jordan ADC, RN and just this year the retired surgeon and historian, Mr Michael Crumplin. It is also pleasing to note however, the expertise and knowledge present within the membership itself and the range of material covered by the programme is most encouraging.

The Society has a website ( and one of its long-term aims is to develop within that an archive on all matters Collingwood-related. There is a good collection of material there already as well as naturally promoting the Society’s activities.

Captain Andy Jordan ADC RN has become a good friend of the Society and, being a resident of the north-east of England, encouraged links between the base and the Society, culminating in official affiliation in 2016. The Society has been represented at events at HMS COLLINGWOOD and, in return, has assisted in arrangements for RN personnel to take part in events in the north east. Although the distance presents a challenge, it is hoped that this relationship not only continues, but develops. After all, the Admiral would have thought it entirely appropriate….

Captain Stephen Healy Chairman, The Collingwood Society, April 2017