What is the HMS COLLINGWOOD Officers' Asociation? How is it organised and structures? Who can join and what are the rules under which it operates? Find out here!!

What is the Officers' Association?

The HMS COLLINGWOOD Officers' Association (COA) is a thriving organisation of Royal Naval Weapon Engineer Officers whose serving and retired members want to keep in touch and keep informed about today's Weapon Engineering Sub-Branch and their 'Alma Mater', HMS COLLINGWOOD.

The COA recognizes the contribution members have made to the Senior Service and anticipates that continued relationship with the Establishment will confer mutual benefit to both the members and the present serving Officers of HMS COLLINGWOOD.

The COA was established following the demise of the Wardroom Mess 'Life Membership' status at the turn of the millenium. It has been established since the formation of the COA Committee in April 2002 and subsequent endorsement of the constitution at the AGM of the same year.

The currently approved Rules & Constitution of the COA are set out in detail on the Rules & Constitution page.

Four classes of membership of the COA are available at different costs and with different benefits. You can check these out on our Membership Structure page.

The COA is run by the COA Committee, chaired by the Chairman, Captain Jim Palmer. Details of the Committee members can be found on our Committee page.

The minutes of the COA Committee meetings are made available for 12 months through our Committee Minutes page.

And lastly, if it's a while since you were last in a Wardroom, you can check out some of the key Mess Rules on the Wardroom page.

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