OA Sword – 2015

Lt Mike Bray Royal Navy – Citation

Lt Mike Bray has served as the Information Systems Key Customer at HMS Collingwood for 30 months.  For half of that time he has had to lead the entire IS Sub-Department in the extended absence on resettlement and handover of his SO2 CIS line manager.

Photo of Lt Mike Bray's wife, Flight Sergeant Vanessa Bray, being presented with the OA sword by by Lt Paul Daysh because Mike is deployed at present
Lt Mike Bray’s wife, Flight Sergeant Vanessa Bray, is presented with the OA sword by by Lt Paul Daysh because Mike is deployed at present

The list of IS related projects which Lt Bray has managed in that time is extensive and includes: Training LAN implementation and accreditation, DII roll-out across all MWS sites and lodger units in both Restricted and Secret domains, migration from NTFS folders for data storage to MOSS/Meridio and Team-sites and the installation in year of the Defence Business Internet project.  Each of these projects has required data-capture, user engagement, cross-department coordination and communication with a broad range of external contractors and MOD bodies.  Lt Bray has effortlessly driven these complex and often inter-linked projects forward with boundless optimism and a deep technical understanding. 

He has drawn hard-won praise from NCHQ N6 staff and experienced ATLAS contractors for his partnering approach to each challenge.  Training Groups and Lodgers have been encouraged to be involved in the IT evolution and Lt Bray has nurtured a small team of Information Support staff drawn from across the site who have been a force multiplier in delivering effect.  All of this required leadership skills, strong communication and personal engagement; strengths he possesses in abundance.

When not covering his own and his boss’s desks, Lt Bray also found the time to stage a fund-raising concert for the Volunteer Band in the Millennium Hall and he has led the Field Gun Crew for the last three seasons.

For his professional successes, his inter-personal skills and the leadership example he has set, Lt Mike Bray is recommended for the award of the Officers’ Association Sword.